SEPTEMBER 2023 | Volume 231


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The Judge's Daughter
by Mairy Beam
Sinister Seniors
Revue Theatre, Granville Island
Sept. 8-17

How can we, the people question the actions of our Supreme Court Judges? Award-winning playwright Mairy Beam tackles this question with a stellar cast. There are two ways this could go, and the final scene hinges on the judgment of you, the audience. 

This play takes place over a few weeks in the Whistler ski cabins of brilliant lawyer, Judge Kelly Saint Patrick, her lawyer husband James Brown and their daughter, Erin. Family relationships and professional reputations are at stake when a sudden death raises the morality of jailing anti-pipeline protesters. It’s time for judgement and the audience is the jury.

I wrote this play after experiencing first hand the heavy hand of justice in the BC courts.  It was dramatic, engaging, and an eye opener -- juicy material for a play.  The characters, based on real people are dealing with family issues that are so common, but also with the larger issue of justice in a climate crisis. – Mairy Beam

As a long time presenter of theatre, what excites me is finding work that is well crafted while addressing topical material that draws audiences in. This is one of these gems that plays to audience’s curiosity and engages their hearts and minds. – Co-Director, Lindy Sisson

The Cast
Jennifer Fahrni – Nominated for performances in both Canada and the US, Jennifer recently returned to the stage as Ruth Steiner in Donald Margulies’ Collected Stories
Linden Banks – Linden has done about 3 dozen productions over the past 38 years, with two Jessie nominations for Krapp's Last Tape and Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol
Sidney Klips - Nominated for Broadway World Best Actress for the Western Canada tour of Side by Side by Sondheim, also nominated for Ovation awards, Outstanding Newcomer. 
ArshamFarasat – Arsham works mostly in Film and TV but always comes to play in Theatre. Earlier this year he played Guy in Check Please and Oliver in As You Like It.

Playwright / Producer: Mairy Beam 
Dramaturge / Producer: Elan Ross Gibson 
Directors: Lindy Sisson and Kymme Patrick
Artwork: George Rammell



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