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Lia & Dor
by Christina Tudor
K.I.A. Productions
Performance Works, Granville Island
Sept. 8-16

Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Romanian folklore sprung from the mind of award-winning Romanian performer and playwright Cristina Tudor in this love letter to her Grandparents and her culture. Come on the journey as she explores the memories of family, the meaning of homeland, and the fables we tell each other about ourselves and the past in a collaboration with Vancouver-based K.I.A. Productions (founded in Edmonton in 2005). Lia & Dor interweaves a Romanian fairy tale with a surprising and salacious family history. At Performance Works September 8–16, 2023. Tickets and showtimes at and more info at

There is a word in Romanian which has no English equivalent. Dor. It means something like longing. It encompasses both melancholy and joy and hope. A feeling that drives you to take a new journey, fall in love, come back home. You know this feeling, we all do. In a Romania that both is and isn't today, a girl is compelled by Dor to take a journey. What she enters is a fairy tale that challenges her to face her family's past and draw strength from her cultural traditions to trace a path into her future. 

★★★★ "A whimsical, mesmerising journey!" – Edmonton Journal

"Ingenious in its simplicity!"  Liz Nicholls,

"I loved this production for the music, the theatricality of the actors, and the interesting interplay of folk mythology and Romanian village life!" – The Jenny Revue

"[An] exquis­ite expres­sion of a Roman­ian folk tale!" – UMFM Winnipeg

"A colourful, entertaining surprise!" – The Jenny Revue

"Tudor and Forsyth bring great skill and emotion!" – Winnipeg Free Press

Cristina met fellow performer Alexander Forsyth while both were pursuing Master of Fine Arts degrees at East 15 Acting School in London, UK. In 2019, Cristina came to Vancouver to work with Alexander and his wife and collaborator, director Keltie Forsyth, to develop the first iteration of the script that would become Lia & Dor. Postponed first by the pandemic and then by the war in Ukraine, the work is now touring the Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Vancouver Fringes. 

Lia & Dor will be at Performance Works September 8–16, 2023. Tickets are $18 ($15 + $3 service fee). The production is appropriate for ages 10 and up. More info at and tickets at




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