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Private Parts: The Secrets We Keep
by Joanna Rannelli
BC Ballet, 1286 Cartwright St., Granville Island
Sept. 7-16

****½ Strong, Confident Performance” - Winnipeg Free Press
SOLD OUT SHOWS! - Winnipeg Fringe 2023
SOLD OUT SHOWS! - Calgary Fringe 2023

Private Parts: The Secrets We Keep

A New Work on a Fringe Tour…Orlando, Winnipeg, Calgary & Vancouver!

Written and Performed by: Joanna Rannelli
(Co-Creator and Performer of The Morning After With Pam & Paula)

Dramaturg & Directed by: Kerry Ipema
(Co-Creator and Performer of Six Chick Flicks)

Joanna reveals the secrets that have fueled, fed and f***ed her!

Gravity Theatre Presents Private Parts: The Secrets We Keep. Join Joanna Rannelli in her one-woman 60-minute, storytelling show filled with true stories from her private life as she seeks to answer:

Does revealing our secrets set us free?

Private Parts: The Secrets We Keep is a funny, touching and thought-provoking show that takes the audience on a journey of love, loss and secrets. Will Joanna find a path to forgiveness and stop history from repeating itself?

We all have secrets, all of us, some are just bigger than others.

What’s your secret?

Press Reviews:

****½ Rannelli’s strong, confident performance delineates the brittle nature of secrets, and the way they can spawn unintended ramifications years down the line."–Winnipeg Free Press

“Rannelli is not just an astute performer but a masterful storyteller” – Calgary Herald

“Completely capable, charming actor…There are no flaws in her performance”–Jenny Revue

“This show is smart, funny and has a very compelling story…After a week of fringing, this is my favorite show and I highly recommend you see it”–UMFM

“Both comedy and drama, but be prepared for tears”–Orlando Sentinel

Audience Reviews:

“Joanna takes personal themes of love and belonging and bravely shares with great poignancy, revealing great strength. She rocks the stage emotionally and captivates withher vulnerability”– Lisa Randal

“Her show ‘Private Parts: The Secrets We Keep’ made me cry so hard. Beautiful and powerful, funny and touching.”– Yanomi Shoshinz

“Superbly acted and so well written, you’ll end up feeling all the feels by the time you leave,and it’s almost impossible to not have a part of this show affect you profoundly in somecapacity or another.”–Eric Wenstrom

“A brilliant storyteller, a masterful actor and someone who will steal your heart completely, Joanna and Kerry Smyth Ipema have put together a beautiful show that you do not want to miss!”–Molly Wilson

“Equal parts, dark, witty and raw.” –Cassandra Fallon

“A mixed bag of emotions – laughed, squirmed, reminisced but was thoroughly entertained.” –Lise

“Ever go diving and not realize how deep you have gone? This show touches dark themes while leaving the audience feeling light.” –Jim Tepper




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