FEBRUARY 2023 | Volume 224


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Advance Theatre Festival
Ruby Slippers Theatre
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby
Jan. 30-Feb. 3, 16-17

  • Sandra by Laura Di Cicco, Jan. 30
  • Sitting on the Edge by Celeste Insell, Jan. 31
  • Parifam by Aki Yaghoubi, Feb. 1
  • ReZonance by Yvonne Wallace, Feb. 2
  • Surrender by Jessie Liang, Feb. 3
  • Dil Ka by Lee Nisar, Feb. 16-1
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Advancing the Radically Inclusive Stage
Monday, January 30 – Friday, February 3 and Thursday and Friday, February 16 and 17
All readings at 8pm | All shows at the Studio Theatre

Ruby Slippers Theatre's Advance Theatre Festival (ATF) showcases six new plays written and directed by female identifying and gender non-conforming artists who also identify as BIPOC (Indigenous, Black or Person of Colour). This year, in addition to five staged readings, the festival has expanded to include a workshop presentation.  

Sandra - Monday, January 20, 8pm
Playwright: Laura Di Cicco
Inspired by a true story, Sandra is a contemporary, fantasy drama about a courageous woman, who seeks closure to the violence in her life, and to her relationship with her mother.

Sitting on the Edge - Tuesday, January 31, 8pm
Playwright: Celeste Insell
After a long bout of "writer's block", Clarisse is writing again, but finds herself writing a play that is semi-autobiographical. Dealing with painful memories, her train of thought is constantly being interrupted by her alter-ego, Mavis, who prefers she write a comedy.

Parifam - Wednesday, Feb. 1, 8pm
Playwright: Aki Yaghoubi | Director: PantheaVatandoost
Detached from family and friends, Parifam Mana draws and paints in her private studio—a place where memory and inspiration are in a continuous battle. Parifam's world is turned upside down when her childhood friend Ramak re-enters her life.

ReZonance - Thursday, February 2, 8pm
Playwright: Yvonne Wallace | Director: Renae Morriseau
A mixed-race tragicomedy. Mixy is invited to a meeting to plan an Indigenous retreat based on land pedagogy. The only problem is her unwillingness to be treated anything less than equal.

Surrender - Friday, February 3, 8pm
Playwright: Jessie Liang
A group of twenty-somethings navigate life, transitions, and friendship in the face of unimaginable loss. This witty and acerbic coming-of-age tale is an exploration of the different ways we deal with grief - together and apart.

Dil Ka - Thursday, Friday, February 16 & 17, 8pm
A workshop production of an Advance Theatre offering from last season by Lee Nisar, directed by Patricia Trinh.






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