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Affair of Honor team shot.

The Five Vengeances
by Jovanni Sy
Affair of Honor
Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby
Sept. 27-Oct. 1
$15/$35 or 604-205-3000

Affair of Honor presents the World Premiere of The Five Vengeances, a comic kung-fu thriller written and directed by Jovanni Sy. This epic piece of physical theatre opens the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts' 2021-2022 Season on September 27.

The Five Vengeances tells the story of Fury (Nathania Bernabe), a master swordswoman, seeking to avenge the death of her bride-to-be Bella (Elizabeth Young). With the help of Bella’s sister, Shotgun (Jackie T. Hanlin), Fury takes on the treacherousroyal family of the Northern Lands in order to exact her vengeance on Bella’s murderer, the all-powerful Overlord (Chirag Naik).

Inspired by the classic Jacobean drama The Revengers Tragedy, The Five Vengeances is a raucous love letter to 1970’s kung-fu cinema. A virtuoso cast of 11 actor/fighters fill this violent, comic romp with lust, thrills, and shattered bones.

Affair of Honor brings together a powerhouse team of collaborators — from playwright and director Jovanni Sy to Jessie Award winning multimedia design collective Chimerik 似不像 — to create this action-packed spectacle.

The Five Vengeances marks the most ambitious production to date for Affair of Honor, one of the Lower Mainland's most exciting emerging theatre companies and a 2018 Jessie Award nominee for Significant Artistic Achievement.

Praise for Affair of Honor
"The show features a dozen major fights, each sensationally choreographed."
Jerry Wasserman, Soul Samurai, Vancouver Sun

"The company repeatedly displays a jaw-dropping level of physical skill."
Kathleen Oliver, Soul Samurai, The Georgia Straight

Praise for Jovanni Sy
“Sy’s plot keeps you on your toes.” Colin Thomas, Nine Dragons,

Praise for Chimerik
“Very 21st-century-theatre, with a splash of “take this, Netflix.”
Shawn Connor, The Great Leap, Vancouver Sun

The Five Vengeances plays in the Studio Theatre at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts.
Tickets $15-$25 on the Shadbolt website.

Show Dates:
Preview September 24 @8pm
September 27 to October 1 @8pm
No shows on September 25 and 26

The Five Vengeances Production Team includes Jovanni Sy (Director), Nathania Bernabe & Jackie T. Hanlin (Fight Choreographers/Producers), Amy Mcdougall & Charlotte Chang (Co-costume Designers), Sveta Chen, Leslie Kwan, & Megan Chan (Wushu Coaches/Consultants), Shang-Han Chien (Chimerik Art Director/Projection Designer), Sammy Chien (Chimerik Interactive/New Media System Programmer), Lisa Goebel (Intimacy Director), Gonu Kim (Chimerik Composer), Jonathan Kim (Chimerik Lighting Designer), Shona Struthers (Sound Designer/Live Foley/Fundraising Producer), Madeleine Molgat Laurin (Technical Director), Caroline Maccaull (Chimerik Sound/New Media System Programmer), Shila Amin (Stage Manager/Coproduction Manager/Props Master), Tessa Pyrik (Assistant Stage Manager), Kimira Reddy (Set Designer), Anthony Trombetta (Second Sound Operator), Phil Birkby (Lighting Operator), SusehNievares (Production And Technical Services Coordinator), Matthew Rhodes (Producer/Co-Production Manager), and Kayleigh Sandomirsky (Chimerik Producer/Manager).

The Full Cast includes Nathania Bernabe (Fury), Evelyn Chew (The Old One/Jailer/Ugly Brigand), Howard Dai (Banger), Jackie T. Hanlin (Shotgun), Chirag Naik (The Overlord), Lissa Neptuno (Second Consort), Aurora Rain (Brick), Katrina Teitz (Sage/ Runt), Kenneth Tynan (Twist), Nicholas Yee (Wheedle), and Elizabeth Young (Bella).



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