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Bad Hats Theatre's Peter Pan
Adapted from J.M. Barrie by Fiona Saunder & Rianne Spitzer
Carousel Theatre for Young People
Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island
Nov. 23-Jan. 5
$35/$29/$18 or 604-685-6217

Top 20 reasons why we loved Bad Hat Theatre’s Peter Pan. We being Lyla O’Donnell (our 5-year-old granddaughter), my wife Sue and me:

1 – The transformation of Mrs. Darling (Marlene Ginader) into Tinkerbell (Deb Williams, Director)

2 – Peter Pan (Kaitlyn Yott) getting unstuck from his shadow: a bunch of rags tied together and manipulated by three actors (Monica Emme, Props)

3 – The wondrous crazy voice, language and movement of Tinkerbell (Marlene Ginader), also an excellent dancer (Wendy Gorling & Amanda Testini, Choreography)

4 – Peter “flying” (via the arms of the other actors – no wires for these kids)

5 – Ditto for Wendy (Michelle Bardach), Michael (Paige Fraser) and John (Tessa Trach)

6 – The song “You Can Fly” accompanied by many actors on various instruments (Steve Charles, Musical Director)

7 – The Lost Boys (Steve Charles, Victor Dolhai, Alison Jenkins, Evan Rein) and the narrator (Kelli Ogmundson) transforming to pirates (Kiara Lawson, Costume Design)

8 – The song “Hook’s Lament” and the tango of marvelously horrid Captain Hook (Josue Laboucane)

9 – Exiled Tinkerbell in the audience playing the tiniest piano

10 – Wendy mothering the Lost Boys

11 – Slightly (Victor Dolhai) as a mermaid

12 – Peter imitating Hook’s voice to tell him he’s a codfish

13 – Peter and Hook’s underwater fight

14 – Peter choking on the word “old”

15 – Tink’s (gasp, sob) death

16 – The audience bringing Tink back to life

17 – Captain Hook demonstrating walking the plank

18 – The crocodile (a trunk with paper teeth) devouring Hook (Shizuka Kai, Set Design)

19 – The entire cast singing “Never ever ever ever ever” at the end

20 – The curtain call, with Jerry, Sue & Lyla voting on their favourites:

Jerry: Peter & Wendy & Hook & Tink
Sue: Peter & Hook & Smee
Lyla: Wendy (“I liked her”) & Hook (“He was funny”)




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