A Broadway Holiday
Created by Christopher King and Barbara Tomasic
Gateway Theatre, Richmond
Dec. 16-23 preview

Solstice Greetings
Firehall Arts Centre
Dec. 16-18

John (dance)
Choreography by Helen Walkley
Firehall Arts Centre
Jan. 12-15

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival
Jan. 20-Feb. 6

  • Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers by Makambe K. Simamba —
    Tarragon Theatre & Black Theatre Workshop (Canada)
    Jan. 20-22, Firehall Arts Centre
  • Capitalism Works for Me! True/False — Steve Lambert (USA)
    Jan 20-24, various locations
  • Ruby Singh’s Vox.Infold (Canada)
    Jan. 20-30, Lobe Studio
  • Born to Manifest — Joseph Toonga, Just Us Dance Theatre (UK)
    Jan. 25–27, Performance Works
  • The Café — ITSAZOO Productions & Aphotic Theatre (Canada)
    Jan. 25–Feb. 5, location tbc
  • Do you mind if I sit here? — Theatre Replacement (Canada)
    Jan. 26-29, Russian Hall
  • VIOLETTE — Joe Jack & John (Canada)
    Jan. 26–30, Roundhouse Community Arts and Recreation Centre
  • AALAAPI | ᐋᓛ — CollectifAalaap, La Messe Basse (Canada)
    Jan. 29-Feb. 2, Waterfront Theatre
  • Se prendre — LION LION (Canada)
    Jan. 29–Feb. 4, Waterfront Estate, Deer Lake, Burnaby
  • How to Fail as a Popstar — Vivek Shraya, Canadian Stage(Canada)
    Feb.1-2, Performance Works
  • Songs for a Lost Pod — Leah Abramson (Canada)
    Feb. 2-3, Annex
  • I Swallowed a Moon Made of Iron 我咽下一枚铁做的月亮 —Music Picnic, in assoc. with
    Point View Art and Creative Links (Macau) / Created by Njo Kong Kie 楊光奇 (Canada)
    Feb. 4-6, Waterfront Theatre
  • La Goddam Voie Lactée — MAYDAY (Canada)
    Feb. 4-6, Scotiabank Dance Centre
  • William Shakespeare’s As You Like It: A Radical Retelling by Cliff Cardinal —
    Crow’s Theatre (Canada)
    Feb. 4-6, York Theatre

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